Start with the basics

New to the wire and cable industry? Need to come up to speed in a hurry? Or are you unclear about the many wire processing terms you’ve heard?

Yes? Then this concentrated introductory course is for you. It provides a solid grounding in the essentials of wire and cable manufacturing presented by experts in the field. This is the Wire Association’s most popular training program and refresher course for new hires, sales teams, and operations personnel.

Topics covered:

Mechanics of wiredrawing | Drawing dies and lubricants

Courses present fundamental principles and calculations for wiredrawing operations; how dies are designed for maximum efficiency; and compositions and principles or lubricants to control chemical and physical properties.

Wire breaks and surface damage

Learn to recognize and identify various types of wire breaks from material defects to process-related problems.

Standing cable

Trace the steps of the stranding process for bare copper and tinned conductors.

Cleaning and coating of rod and wire

Find out about cleaning, pickling, and coating of ferrous wire and rod in preparation for drawing and processing.

Ferrous heat treatment and metallurgy

Courses in the ferrous track cover heat treating principles with specific examples for steel rod and wire as well as metallurgical concepts like transformation and strengthening mechanisms.


Discussion covers types of polymers and construction of extruder equipment, including all the key components.


Ferrous and nonferrous topics are offered, including testing for key properties on steel wire and fundamental concepts for electrical testing.

Learn how to properly use equipment for marking, printing, and guiding insulated wire and cable.
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Exclusives to this course:


Course materials

Course materials will be supplied via a USB flash drive inside your lanyard at the registration counter.

Course lunch on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A sit down meal and networking opportunities await you at the Fundamentals luncheon.

Choice of ferrous or nonferrous/electrical track

Pick your track, it's your call! Great speakers and conversations await in either the ferrous or nonferrous/electrical tracks!
Get the basic training with 8 sessions !

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